Making Effort

and Pureland Buddhism in the Philippines



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Hi I’m Len! Welcome to my page for Filipino Pureland Buddhism. I have been listening to the Buddha’s teachings for quite some time now and I want to share what I have learned so far to you guys. This site is for everyone who wants to learn about Buddhism. It doesn’t matter from what background you belong to or if you don’t have any prior knowledge of Buddhism. Everyone is welcome.

It is safe to say that at one point in our lives we will begin to question what our reason for being is. Listening to the teachings of the Buddha will help us know our true purpose in life. The Pureland Buddhism Center of the Philippines have setup regular meetups and free Skype lectures to give everyone the chance to start listening to the wisdom of Buddhism. This way everyone can take the first step to learning how to achieve true happiness or enlightenment.

There are also articles here that one can start reading just check the links to the right.

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