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Sakyamuni Buddha

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The Enlightened One, Pure, Teacher… we all have heard these monikers given to Sakyamuni Buddha. But before he was Buddha he was Prince Siddharta Gautama. Born in Lumbini (modern day Nepal) on April 8th, 2600 years ago. His parents were King Jobon and Queen Maya. He lived in Kapila-Vastu and at the age of 19 he married Yasodhara. They had one child, a son. At 29 on February 8th, he left the castle and lived as an ascetic but found that this too can’t bring him true happiness. At 35 on December 8th, he achieved enlightenment after learning that a middle way between extravagance and extreme asceticism is the way to true happiness. He taught Buddhism for 45 years, providing us with 7,000 Sutras. He passed away at the age of 80 on February 15.

Quick reference:

  • Apr.  8: Born as Prince Siddharta Gautama in Lumbini
  • Feb.  8: Left the castle to become an ascetic at the age of 29
  • Dec.  8: Achieved Enlightenment at the age of 35
  • Feb. 15: Died at the age of 80
  • Wife: Yasodhara, 1 son
  • Parents: King Jobon and Queen Maya
  • 7,000 Sutras

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