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The 7 Charities

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A broomThe Japanese character for “person” (below) has the meaning that one person supports another to live.
Japanese Character for Person
Indeed we cannot live without other people. We all depend on one another, for business, relationships, family, and just living in general.
No man is an island, goes the saying.
For this reason, in Buddhism, the attitude of harmony is highly regarded. Without harmony there is conflict and it becomes difficult to accomplish a task.
With solidarity or harmony in our homes, work and social, greater happiness can be achieved.

How can we practice harmony? By doing the 7 Charities, for instance. They are:
1. Warm eyes
2. A smile
3. Kind words
4. Sincere gratitude
5. Physical labor/ volunteering
6. Yielding way
7. Share a meal and shelter

They are part of the 6 Good Deeds taught by Buddha to bring happiness to the giver and receiver.

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