Making Effort

and Pureland Buddhism in the Philippines

PAST – Lecture/Meetup: 6 Good Deeds – Self-reflection (July 08, 2017, Saturday)

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“In all things, Self-reflection is key” goes the Buddhist saying.
Self reflection is a necessary ingredient to self improvement.
For example journal writing, asking trusted friends for advice, and so on are ways.
Sakyamuni Buddha taught that Self-reflection is one of the 6 Good Deeds to improving oneself. Learn in depth about why Self reflection is so important to our daily lives, and why we are encouraged to improve ourselves.

Lecture is free and newcomers are welcome.

Where: The Columns Ayala Avenue Tower 1, Makati City, Philippines

When: July 08, 2017 | 2:00pm –4:00pm

Please send a message to  0916-424-9359 or message Skype ID: frank.costelloe if you would like to join.


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