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PAST – Skype Lecture: The Law of Cause and Effect (July 13, 2017 | Thursday)

Buddhist teacher Frank will give a live lesson on Buddhism via Skype on the topic: The Law of Cause and Effect.

There is no effect that happens without a cause; and wherever there is a cause, an effect will always follow. To put it simply, seeds not planted will never grow; seeds planted will never fail to grow.

Buddhism, in particular, teaches us in detail about the matter that concerns us the most, which is the relationship between the cause and the effect of our fate or destiny.

Learn about the Law from the beginning in this talk.

Lecture is free and newcomers are welcome.

Where: SKYPE (Message Skype ID: frank.costelloe)

When: July 13, 2017 | 8:00pm –  9:00pm (Philippine Time)

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The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every cause there is an equivalent inescapable effect. It is also called the Law of Karma. But first let us define the terms “cause” and “effect”. Cause is an action or a deed. Effect is a result. We can therefore say that base on the law of cause and effect; our actions will have an unavoidable result. That’s why it is important to always keep in mind the 3 principles of the law of cause and effect. They are:

  1. Good causes produce good effects.
  2. Bad causes produce bad effects.
  3. Own cause will produce your own effect.


This first principle states that GOOD ACTIONS produce GOOD RESULTS. If you do good unto others you will receive good effects in return.

The second principle is the opposite of the first. BAD ACTIONS will produce BAD RESULTS.

The final principle is OWN ACTIONS will produce OWN EFFECT, this means that the actions you do will only bring results to you. To show this let’s look at 2 people in a table. One is drinking lots of beer and the other is not drinking any beer at all. The one who keeps drinking beer only makes himself drunk and not the other person. Same thing when I study for an exam. When I study well I will get a good mark on the exam as a result of my studying. My classmate won’t get a good mark on the exam because I studied well.

To learn the law of cause and effect by heart you must always remember its 3 principles. Always consciously make effort to do good so the future will bring good results.


Part 2: The Law of Cause and Effect 2 (CONDITION)

Read The 3 Worlds and the 10 Directions after reading this, so you will know how it is related to The Law of Cause and Effect

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PAST – Lecture: The Law of Cause and Effect (Mar. 26, 2017)

Listen to a live lecture on Buddhism about the law of cause and effect. Buddhist teacher Sumie will be the lecturer. Participation does not require you to talk, just listening is okay. However, everyone will be glad to hear your questions and ideas.

WHERE: SKYPE (Message Skype ID: musr4326hx6)
WHEN: Mar. 26, 2017 | 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Lecture is free and newcomers are welcome.