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PAST – Lecture/Meetup: Basics of Buddhism (July 01, 2017, Saturday)

This is a FREE lecture on the Basics of Buddhism.
Learn Buddhism from a professional Buddhist teacher from Japan.
Questions will be allowed after the meeting.

Guests are welcome.

The lecture is in a private home, and therefore the address is not published. However, if you are certain you are going, please send a request for the location and it will be sent to you before the event day. Thank you for understanding.

Contact 0916-424-9359

The benefits of learning Buddhism from our group are:
Learn Buddhism deeply and accurately.
Listen to live streaming webinars by a Buddhist master (not available publically)
Receive a text book, Buddhist doctrine book and monthly newsletter
Receive the Object of Reverence, chanting beads, chanting booklet and CD
Access to animated learning videos
Attend Skype talks by Buddhist teachers, one to one or in groups.

Do I need to be Buddhist to join the meetings? No, you do not. People from every religious or non-religious background are welcome.

I want to learn and follow Buddhism, but I don’t want to give up my traditional beliefs that I grew up with. Is that OK? Yes, it is OK.

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Buddhism to join? No. We have newcomers joining all the time. We will introduce you gradually, step by step, to the teachings.

What is the purpose of your meetings? To share the teachings of Buddhism is the only reason these meetings are held. There are no obligations or commitments.

What can I hope to gain from attending meetings? You will learn about the Buddhist teachings first and foremost. Twenty-six hundred years ago Sakyamuni Buddha taught Buddhism to lead people to true and lasting happiness.

Is there a charge for these meetings? No.

I have some specific questions. Can I talk to someone one on one? Yes. 0916-424-9359 Frank

Where: New Manila, Quezon City

When: July 01, 2017 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Please send a message to  0916-424-9359 or message Skype ID: frank.costelloe if you would like to join.


Photo Credit: Lolit Choa

2017-07-01 Meetup and Lecture @ Lolits